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Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Yes we are here to guide you and give you the best car insurance plans. Have you recently bought a new car, congratulations for it! Yet after buying an automotive you need to get an insurance plan for it so that you may be safe on account of car accidents due to which your vehicle may get damages. If this happens then you will need people like us who will process your car insurance plan and pay back for the damages that your car has incurred. During previous decades car insurance was not being given too much importance as at time globalization was not in existence. Today due to the increase of consumerism many people are keen to buy a four wheeler thus they need the best car insurance plan with affordable premium quotes.

Benefits of Car Insurance

Damage to Vehicle Cover

  • Car insurance covers damage to the vehicle due to fire, explosion, self-ignition and other natural calamities such as an earthquake, flood, landslide and rockslide.
  • Damage to the vehicle caused by collision due to an accident is covered by the policy.
  • Policy will cover loss of vehicle due to burglary, theft or housebreaking. Loss due to riot and strikes can also be covered.

Third Party Liability Cover

  • Legal liability arising from the third party bodily injury or death resulting from an accident is covered by the vehicle insurance. This third party can be a driver of another vehicle, passengers or pedestrians.
  • The policy also covers the liability arising from the accidental damage to the surrounding property caused by your vehicle.
  • It is legally mandatory to cover all vehicles running on-road by third party car insurance.
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Cashless Claims

  • Car insurance policy offers cashless claims facility in which you can repair your damaged vehicle using a network garage without paying the repair cost out of your pocket.
  • Several vehicle insurance companies offer the cashless facility at more than 4000 garages across the country.
  • This facility protects you from financial strain since the insurer directly handles the expenses.

When you approach us for a car insurance plan then we will offer you a perfect layout with which you can get proper insurance cover for your car. All people like you approach us as they need insurance for whatever kind of car they have. Today we on the behalf of the insurance company are giving car insurance facilities to clients like you in many ways. Previously agents used to do the task of giving car insurance facilities. Today you can get car insurance from many resources like your friends, neighbors and off course from the internet. You will see many people like us who are pioneers like us and are giving car insurance plans online at affordable premium quotes.

When you buy a car you might feel worried about the premium quotes of car insurance. These quotes can be paid or a monthly and yearly basis. We are here to guide you about the most affordable insurance quotes and outstanding plans that will give you the best insurance cover for your car. It has been seen that the brands of different cars have different levels of insurance premium quotes. Thus while buying a very expensive and lavish car just check your budget with which you will be able to afford a costly insurance plan or not. You have to compare the costs of different plans then only you will choose the one that you can afford to pay every month or every year for your car insurance.

If you already have a car and you have paid car insurance for it then we suggest you to compare it with the insurance plan that you are going to buy for your new car. Compare them and decide which one is more comfortable. We are here as a middleman between you and company on the internet online platform to guide and help people like you who want to feel comfortable while paying premium quotes for their car. With us you want be down and you will also remain safe from the trap of those agents who are not having service license and professional experience about car insurance plans

Having car insurance is essential because it covers your expenses in the event of vehicle damage or injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. All motorists must be insured against their liability to other people, as stipulated in the Road Traffic Act .

The answer is simple. Car Insurance is mandatory by law. Driving around without valid car insurance is illegal in India. In case of death or bodily injury to a third party or any damage to its car, the car insurance policy provides compensation of up to Rs 1 lakh. Such type of vehicle insurance is known as the third party

Auto insurance is a contract between you and the insurance company that protects you against financial loss in the event of an accident or theft. In exchange for your paying a premium, the insurance company agrees to pay your losses as outlined in your policy