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Term Insurance

Term insurance

All of you might have heard about term insurance, you might ask us what it is. Term insurance plan is a kind of insurance cover that gives protection to people during their life span. It gives coverage to its clients for a definite time dead line. If the insured dies during this time period then death benefit is paid to his dear ones or family. Most term insurance plans have been created to give money coverage to families in case of sudden death and conditions of uncertainty. We are the middleman here on behalf of insurance company to guide and give you the best term insurance coverage at affordable premium quotes that all of you will appreciate

How does term insurance plan work

You may also ask us how a term insurance plan works. When you take a term insurance from any insurance company or provider then they assure you to give claim and benefits to your dear ones. They do this if you die within the time period of the insurance plan. For this purpose you will need to pay a monthly or yearly premium. You will be given money and claim benefits in exchange of the premium that you are paying every month or every year. We can offer you the best term insurance cover at a low cost premium that you can afford well. You need to contact us as we will guide you in the most proper way

Term Insurance

How is term insurance different from life insurance

You might even ask us what is the difference between term insurance and life insurance plans? When we talk of term insurance then we will realize that it offers money benefits only when you die within the time period of such plans. On the other hand a life insurance policy gives money claims and benefits in case of death of the insured and even after the maturity of such a plan. We are here on the behalf of insurance company at your service so that you may get proper guidance and information about the features and benefits of a term insurance plan.

What to do so that we may help you

While buying a term insurance plan you will get affected by many factors like age, sex, and financial condition of you and your family. We are here as a guide for you in a sincere way so that you may not get cheated on account of hidden terms and insurance fee. All you need is to meet us and tell us about your life conditions in a sincere way so that we may help you properly.

Term Life Insurance Providers

Why term insurance is important

It is important for everyone, especially for the bread earner of the family. Because, it will act as a real support for your family, if something happens to you. And the lump sum amount you will get as death benefit brings financial stability and pays off the liabilities. To understand these term plans, we need to take a look at them by going in depth. Hence, here are the few term plan benefits that you must know:

Type of term Insurance

  • Flexibility:In case of term policies, if you stop paying premium, the risk cover comes to an end and thereby, the policy ends. This means there is nothing payable to you as there is no savings element in the policy. So, if you stop paying premiums in the mid-term, there is a financial loss as you cannot recover your savings portion of the policy without certain deductions.
  • Simplicity: ATerm insurance plans are that insurance plans which are very easy to understand, such as endowment plans which blends up the savings with the coverage of the risk. The plans which includes the coverage of risk are known as cash value policies. In simple words, term plan is defined as pay the desired amount of premium and get yourself covered under the term policy.
  • Tax Benefits: : It has been said that if you buy an endowment type of insurance, as the premium is more, you can get more advantages under the section 80C of income tax act. In addition, when the maturity claim is paid, it also yields tax-free income. Besides, the difference in premium between term insurance and endowment insurance can also be invested in other tax schemes, such as ELSS, PPF. .
  • Low premium:The premium for term plan is lower than that for cash value policies.
  • Competitive Pricing:On the basis of price, term life plans can be easily compared with each other as they are structurally similar and easy to understand.
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